Famous Authors Narrate the Funny Pages

Title above is the title taken from an interesting piece over at McSweeny’s where author Mark Paglia writes a description of a famous comic strip in the style of an famous author. Peanuts meet Jane Austin for example (below).

Miss Lucy van Pelt, young, witty, and handsome, found it unavoidable that she play a game of foot-ball with Mr. Charles Brown, the dreadfully wishy-washy companion of her otherwise commendable brother Mr. Linus van Pelt. Wishing to be rid of this bothersome neighbor, she lifted the foot-ball just as Mr. Brown ventured to kick it, leaving him out of sorts as she tittered with laughter and went to hear Mr. Schroeder play at the pianoforte.

Others include Beetle Bailey, Cathy, Doonesbury, Dilbert, Garfield among others.