News briefs for November 9, 2009


» The Buffalo News reviews the new biography of Herblock

» Waldenbooks will be closing 200 of its stores leaving only about 130 open across the U.S.

» The Washington Post writes about John Ortved’s new bookThe Simpsons: An Uncensored, Unauthorized History

Comic Strips

» Speedbump creator Dave Coverly is profiled on Michigan Live’s site.

» Pearls Before Swine and Hagar the Horrible are now in the Daily Press’ Sunday comics.

Editorial Cartooning

» Daryl Cagle looks at cartoons regarding Israel from the perspective of the Palestinians and the Israelis.

» Rob Tornoe has posted a round-up of cartoons dealing with the Fort Hood shootings.

» Dwane Powell says good bye to his readers after 35 years with The News & Observer.


» Tom Racine’s Tall Tales Radio has been nominated for a People’s Choice Podcast Award. Voting begins Friday.

2 thoughts on “News briefs for November 9, 2009

  1. I used to love the comic selection at Waldenbooks, but I wasn’t sure they were even still around. They haven’t been for years around me.

    Now I’m dealing with Barnes and Noble and Borders. All of their locations seem to carry everything ever done by about three cartoonists and nothing else.

    It’s not right when you can’t impulsively buy the new Lio collection around Halloween.

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