Drew Litton lands Tribune sports cartoon gig

Former Rocky Mountain News sports cartoonist Drew Litton has landed a weekly spot on the Chicago Tribune’s sports page beginning tomorrow. The new locally themed sports cartoon entitled, “The Main Event,” will cover Chicago sports teams such as the Cubs, White Sox, Bulls and Blackhawks. The new feature will run on Saturdays in print and on the web. Drew believes he’ll be posting it on his website on Sundays.

UPDATE: Rob Tornoe has a full interview with Drew.

14 thoughts on “Drew Litton lands Tribune sports cartoon gig

  1. Drew is an incredible cartoonist. I think Chicago has too many sports teams for once a week. Let’s hope they give him more days after they see how successful his Saturday cartoons become.

  2. It’s a good thing they’re hiring cartoonists to draw for the newspaper, but after being a subscriber to the Tribune for so many years, I couldn’t take it anymore. The product itself is disgraceful.

  3. A hearty congrats, Drew. From the Broncos to da Bears, will enjoy seeing you train your sights on a whole new field of satiric targets.

    –Yr former teammate in the trenches of syndicated sports cartooning.

  4. This is INCREDIBLE news. I met Drew at San Diego this year and he was so open and friendly and curious about webcomic business models.

    I am so happy to hear that he got this job. I know how much he really missed drawing for a paper and having a home.


  5. I predict…Drew will be 5X’s a week within 12 months.

    Newspapers are now starting to think about the product that generates the budget they’ve been cutting for the past half century.

    Drew is tops at his craft….the Trib readers are in for some fun!

  6. Congrats to Drew!

    Growing up in Denver, Drew was my inspiration for getting into cartooning and there isn’t a better sports cartoonist in the country. He’s also a super great guy!

    This is long overdue and much deserved.

  7. I think we’d all be a lot better off if all sides paid attention to Stacy Curtis’ point. Hopefully more papers will start realizing that people WANT cartoons and it BENEFITS their paper… they need to address what’s wrong with their paper and what they can do to make it sell better… not who they can fire.

    Also, I honestly don’t follow sports at all but I’m happy to think that this is a somewhat unsung genre to have an editorial cartoon focus on. If there are comics both in print and online devoted to editorializing politics and video games, a subject on the same level of popularity like sports should be bustling with this type of activity.

  8. “…and there isnâ??t a better sports cartoonist in the country. Heâ??s also a super great guy! ”

    I totally agree. Nobody can really touch Drew with Sports cartoons.

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