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Cartoonist updates from the Middle East

Last week I reported that 10 National Cartoonist Society cartoonists were traveling to the Middle East with the USO to visit with troops. Due to security concerns, those cartoonists with blogs can’t identify their location, but some are reporting back their experiences.

Here’s the Stars and Stripes story about their stop at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany.

Tom Richmond, the most prolific blogger among the group, has posted photos of their stop at the Bethesda Naval Hospital, a report on visiting troops in Germany and their visit at Camp Arifjan.

Stephan Pastis reports on his efforts to solve the Middle East problems.

Chip Bok reports that he’s with the group. Check his blog when they get back, I’m sure he’ll post a review of the trip.

Jeff Bacon, who is the cartoonist coordinator for the USO, Jeff Bacon, who is the cartoonist coordinator for the USO, will also post photos and reviews when the trip is done.

Community Comments

#1 Benjamin T. McCormick
@ 11:52 am

I salute these cartoonists in their efforts to raise the morale of our troops deployed overseas. Having been deployed several times when I was active duty I know how lonely and homesick you can get when your out there and also how much something like this can really boost an otherwise crappy day.

Thanks guys and safe travels to you all.

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