Plugger mail temporarily stops


Interesting tidbit out of the Richmond Times-Dispatch regarding the comic panel Pluggers. Back in September, the U.S. Postal Service announced that the post office where Plugger mail is sent might be permanently closed, Gary Brookins used a full Pluggers panel to announce that all future reader submissions should be sent by email. That cartoon finally appeared on Wednesday. Since it was originally drawn, Gary has learned that the post office will remain open and so he has drawn another announcement, but again, due to deadline and printing schedules it won’t appear until next month.

Apparently, you’re a Plugger if you still use the postal service.

93 thoughts on “Plugger mail temporarily stops

  1. If only Pluggers use the Postal Service, then we’re all Pluggers, because all of us – hopefully – receive birthday cards, credit cards, packages, etc., through the mail. — A Proud Plugger

  2. So when the post office closes a branch, they just cut off PO Box service with no warning and no transition period? No forwarding? It strikes me as a premature move on Brookins’ part.

    Indeed, when I read the cartoon announcing the change, I figured it was really an attempt to promote e-mail submissions and discourage snail mail. And perhaps even a modest effort to bring Pluggers a bit more up to date, by winnowing out suggestions from readers who don’t do computer stuff.

  3. You’re a plugger if you remember playing hopscotch and jumping rope outside for exercise during the day and hide & seek and kick the can at night instead of wii infront of the tv.

  4. Pluggers don’t worry about recalls cuz their vehicle is older than most of the manufacturers who are recalling.

  5. You are a plugger if you carry your own clubs around the clubhouse to the 1st tee–
    that’s your idea of service!!

    You are a plugger if you search for a phone booth to call your relatives to tell them your late for a family gathering!!

    Plugger is the 1st thing I look for in the newspaper..


    Mike Riley

  6. After my colonoscopy they gave me colored pictures. Tthey are musch better than the ones in my year book. dkf

  7. It started raining and my wife ran outside to move her car from under the carport into the rain so it would get washed. This is how Pluggers wash there cars.


  9. You know your a plugger if you have to” scroll down” on the compuetr more than 20 years to find your birth year”

  10. A plugger knows he’s old when the church basement kitchen
    ladies are all younger than he is.

  11. You are a plugger if you take the name brand tag off your work cloths and wear them as casual!


    IN POT.

  14. The pluggers definition of a rapid transit system would be. Mom,Dad,Baby and the dog on a 4 wheeler going to town.

  15. Yes! Good one! PLUGGERS gets better everyday, thanks to your submissions here! Keep em coming!

  16. you’re a plugger when you recognize all the names on the top half of the celebrity birthdays and none on the bottom

  17. Just an idea for a plugger cartoon:
    You know you are a senior plugger, when after filling your medication organizer, you find you can’t shut some of the lids!!!

  18. You are a Plugger if your shirts are so old that the tag says “Made in America.”

  19. You are a Plugger if you post cartoon ideas to a professional blog, thinking the artist gets his ideas from there, even if the thread has been dead for months.

    Oh. Wait a sec… Oops.

  20. A plugger remembers when he could buy a carton of cigarettes and a tank of gas for five dollars

  21. Comment #9 remarked about the game “Kick The Can”.
    Well, you know you’re a plugger when you can remember the game of “Kick The Can”-never mind the rules.

    Anyone feel up to a game of “Annie Over”?

  22. you might be a plugger if you shake your shaving lather can and expect to hear a rattle ball.

  23. You’re a plugger if ;you paint your garage on Saturday, golf on Sunday , and use the same amount of strokes!

  24. Pluggers were “green” before it was fashionable. They have always used solar power and wind energy to line dry their clothes.

    Pluggers have always recycled and given back to the earth.
    They collect the water from their air conditioners and dehumidifiers to put on their gardens.

  25. pluggers find the best concert seats on the sofa/couch with rented live videos from the 70’s and 80’s . the best seat in the house for bad vision and snack accessabillity

  26. You just might be a plugger if you remember when Cracker Jack toys were more than just a little folding paper thing.

    I remember getting metal and plastic toys…wish I had saved them!

  27. you know your a pllugger when you think driving off road is when you go over the curb when you pull into your driveway

  28. 1 Pluggers spend half of thier time looking for a bathroom or trying to think of someones name.

    2 The only thing on a pluggers bucket list is worms.

    3 Pluggers live in towns that still blow the noon fire whistle.

  29. I have a Plugger idea. Two Pluggers at a constrution site wearing hard hats. The caption is ” Pluggers don’t need a formal introduction they just read the names from their hard hats” ! What do you think ?

  30. pluggers are very proud of the letters behind there name, jr. sr 1….. 11… 111… thank you tom carpenter

  31. you are a plugger if you ride your
    bicycle without the cute little helmut
    and the gay spandex

  32. you are a plugger if you ride your
    bicycle without the cute little helmut
    and the spandex

  33. you are a plugger if you ride your
    bicycle without the cute helmut
    or the tite spandex

  34. These are two of my original plugger cartoon ideas:

    You know you’re a plugger if you need to check your pill sorter container to figure out what day of the week it is.

    You are a plugger if your vehicle has wing windows and you know what 450 airconditioning is.

  35. My husband and I love Pluggers…we’ve been ones for several years now.

  36. You’re a Plugger if, with regard to medicine bottles, “childproof”, means “Plugger proof”.

  37. pluggers have always acknowledged someone beeping their horn , now it’s confusing when someone locks their car with a remote and the horn beeps . we still throw up our hand !

  38. When pluggers jack up a buggy wheel they can’t remember to
    rotate it clock or counterclockwise

    Ft. Walton Bch, FL

  39. your a plugger if you live in a 100 year old house and you have wieghts holding down your roof and duct tape on your doors

  40. You might be a plugger if someone says,”You’re outstanding in your field” and you are out, standing in your field

  41. I disagree pluggers are the only ones around today who do know when to use their they’re and there and to too and two

  42. you are a plugger if you pick a brithday card at the store,show it to her and then put it back on the shelf

  43. you know you are a plugger when someone else has to remind you to pull up your zipper.

  44. You are a plugger when you pray for a parking space close to the store door, then go into the store, but forget what you went there for in the first place.

  45. You’re a Plugger if you type ?Plugger submissions? into Google, click on the 4th search result, and submit your Plugger joke in the comments without reading what the topic of the thread is.

  46. You can’t find the tweezers so you use the needle nose pliers to get the job done in a pinch. (female plugger looking in the mirror, pulling out a chin wisker) 🙂

  47. Your a plugger if your barber takes more hair out of your nose and ears than he takes off the top of your head.

    Your a plugger if the sensor in your truck isn’t working because it aint got no sense.

    Tour a plugger if 1/4 of your steak stays between your teeth.

  48. You are a plugger; if you can find a dozen ways to still make some use out of torn, broken, ruined metal coathangers, old soda bottles (plastic), short pieces of rope, blown bicycle innertubes, plastic colored newspaper bages ect.

  49. You’re a Plugger if the shift lever for your car or truck is still on
    the steering column.

  50. Plugger is happy for Grandsons visit,to fix
    Cell phone.Grandson switches it from Spanish
    To English.problem solved.

  51. You know your a Plugger when all the names in you phone book
    have M.D. after them


    You know your a Plugger if you look at your watch rather than a
    cell phone to see what time it is.


    Your a Plugger if your watch has 12 numerals and a second hand
    by which to tell time.

  52. you know you are a plugger if you go on an expensive cruise and your carry on is a Walmart bag

  53. You’re a Plugger when you pass the JUMBLE in the newspaper and wait for the answer in the following days issue.

  54. at x-mas earl and henrietta love to window shop even if earls pick-up is full of old windows .

  55. Your a plugger if most of your phone calls are from the
    pharmacy-“your prescriptions are ready”

  56. You are a Plugger if you can’t find a table to play your card game of Gin Rummy and have to resort ot the ironing board.

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