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Cartoons and Cocktails set for October 22 auction

This year’s Cartoons & Cocktails 2009 will be held on October 22 in Washington D.C. with this year’s Pulitzer Prize winner Steve Breen as the honored guest. The annual fundraiser supports Young D.C., a independant metro monthly paper that teams professional journalists with local aspiring teens, and the Cartoonists Rights Network International which helps cartoonists from around the world deal with censorship, imprisonment, intimidation because of their cartoons.

This year’s auction features original artwork by:

Nick Anderson, Robert Ariail, Guy Badeaux, Richard Bartholomew, Bruce Beattie, Nate Beeler, Clay Bennett, Justin Bilicki, Linda Boileau, Jim Borgman, James Brandetsas, Steve Breen, Ann Cleaves, Dave Coverly, J. D. Crowe, Charles Daniel, Andy Donato, Casey Drogin, Bob Englehart, Bob Erskine, Paul Fell, George Fett, Anne Ganz, Bob Gorrell, Stilson Greene, David Hagen, Jack Higgins, Sandy Huffaker, Jim Hunt, Tim Jackson, Rosie Jaffe, Lynn Johnston, Clay Jones, Val Jones, Lee Judge, Polly Keener, Joe King, Ari Krause, Walter Lieberman, Jimmy Margulies, Mike Mikula, Deborah Milbrath, Jim Morin, Joel Pett, Dwane Powell, Michael Ramirez, Stuart Rapeport, Mikhaela Reid, Rob Rogers, John Rose, Dave Sattler, Rajan Sedalia, Margaret Shulock, Bob Staake, Scott Stantis, Mark Streeter, Dana Summers, Alexei Talimonov, Ann Telnaes, Garry Trudeau, Morrie Turner, Mort Walker, Dick Wallmeyer, Bill Whitehead, Signe Wilkinson, Matt Wuerker

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