Big thanks to the 27 second day donors

A big thanks to the 27 individuals (24 of whom are listed below) who contributed to The Daily Cartoonist yesterday. Based on last years first attempt at an NPR style fund-drive, I expected the number of donations to drop off substantially, but I’m once again humbled by those that are making a strong statement of support for the blog with a financial contribution. Advertising pays for the hard costs of hosting, domain fees, but the real cost of operating The Daily Cartoonist is my time. Once again, I’m reminded of how much the community depends on the blog as a source of news and conversation.

Thank you all, again for donating. If you haven’t done so yet, I encourage you to do it now.

  • Ann Telnaes – There are so many things I admire about Anne’s work. How she can do so much with such simple line art is nothing short of masterful. Her animations for the Washington Post are consistently the best poli-animations being produced right now.
  • Piers Baker – Piers, the great cartoonist from across the pond, does that charming comic strip Ollie and Quentin. If anyone can make a lugworm likable, Piers can.
  • Ted Rall – Ted is a brand name, really. He’s a alt-cartoonist, columnist, comics editor, (former) AAEC president, author and the subject of a new graphic novel, “The Year of Loving Dangerously.”
  • Bill Amend – Bill is the creator of FoxTrot – one of those mega comic strips that appears in every newspaper in the world, at least it did as a daily. I’m honored that Bill is a reader of my blog (probably between video games).
  • Bob Gorrell – Bob is a nationally syndicated editorial cartoonist through Creators Syndicate, Inc. I’m sure you’ve seen his stuff in the USA Today, The Atlanta Journal, The Detroit News among others.
  • Ian Bergren – Ian is another one of our silent readers in our community. He tells me he got hooked on reading the comics as a kid. His fav’s today include: Dog Eat Doug, Cow and Boy, The Argyle Sweater Amazing Superpowers, Dr. McNinja, and Overcompensating.
  • John AuchterJohn is an editorial (and panel) cartoonist in Grand Rapids where you can see his stuff in the Grand Rapids Business Journal the Grand Rapids Family magazine.
  • Danny Burleson – If you read the comments frequently, I’m sure you’ll recognize Danny’s name. He does the popular webcomic Oy.
  • Hamilton Blues LoversThe Hamilton Blues Lovers is a blog dedicated to promoting world-class musicians who love the art of making music and aren’t in it for the money.
  • T. Shepherd – T. is the creator of Hoodoo the Unwise Owl, a webcomic that has made it past the first round of the Amazon Comic Strip Super-star contest.
  • Mike Peterson – Mike is our #2 commenter around here. When not commenting, Mike is a writer (former editor) and journalist. He also writes children’s stories which you can find at his blog.
  • Aaron Johnson – Aaron is the creator of W.T. Duck (or as I’ll always know it as What the Duck) and is one of the masters of writing the three panel comic strip.
  • Bob Weber Jr. – Bob is the creator of the syndicated feature Slylock Fox and Comics for Kids which he’s done since 1987. A little bird tells me he’s got something else cooking, which I’ll be reporting in the future. Good luck Bob!
  • Kelly Ferguson – Kelly does the excellent webcomic Basketcase Comix – a three times a week panel. He also does editorial cartoons.
  • Ken Drab – Rick is another webcomic artist who draws the Rick The Stick comic five times a week. If you’re going to be at the Baltimore Comic-Con, look him up, he’ll be there too.
  • Jim Tierney – Jim does the webcomic Jetpacks and Time Machines which is best described as “a semi-sci fi comic featuring a partially robot boy, a nerd, a violent monkey, a retired super-villain, and more.”
  • Charles Brubaker – Charles should be familiar to most of you. He comments frequently and he guest blogs here as well. Check out his blog, he’s always got something interesting to show off.
  • BECK – BECK is a new comer to our community. He hails from Germany and his printed in Germany and Austria, but has aspirations of running in English language papers. Check out his new website.
  • Chris Eliopoulos – Chris has been doing a webcomic called Misery Loves Sherman since late 2007. A very polished strip in all respects. I think this strip could go places.
  • Bengo and Pug – Bengo and Pug (not their real names) are creators of the webcomics Li’l Nyet and Scratchin Post. Got a free moment, check them out.
  • T. Russell HarrisT. Russell cartoonist and illustrator. His cartoons have been published in Prospect, Reader’s Digest, and the Saturday Evening Post.
  • Jonathan Lemon – Jonathan created the well done daily webcomic Rabbits against Magic. The full archives, going back to June 2008 are over on
  • Abell Smith – Abell is one of those do it all cartoonists. He is a political cartoonist, graphic designer, web designer, illustrator, Flash animator. Check out his website to see samples of all his projects.
  • Jason Nocera – Jason does a weekly, music-themed comic strip called Buddy and Hopkins which appears in music related print publications and websites.
  • Jonathan Mahood – Jonathan draws one of my kid’s favorite comics Bleeker: The Rechargeable Dog. The webcomic runs in several online newspaper comic sections and was optioned or a TV show.