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Pledge Drive factoid: What does Tom Gammill, Seinfeld and today have in common?

Interesting factoid that has very little to do with this week’s pledge drive, but I think the coincidence is interesting. Today, 15 years ago, the Seinfeld “Pledge Drive” episode originally aired. The plot revolved around people eating Snickers with a knife and fork, Dan the “high-talker,” Elaine accidentally telling Jerry’s grandmother to drop dead, George following a car into the country because he thinks the other driver flip him off and of course Jerry’s participation on a public television fundraiser.

What’s the connection to The Daily Cartoonist? Tom Gammill, a TDC regular, who also created The Doozies, and the funny “Learn to Draw” video series was one of the two writers credited for that Seinfeld episode. I find it coincidental that it aired 15 years to the day of this blog’s fundraiser.

You can see the Tom talking about this episode in the video below. He comes in at about the 20 second mark.

Community Comments

#1 Tom Gammill
@ 3:27 pm

Max Pross was the other credited writer and of course Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David had a lot to do with the episode, too.

#2 Lucas Turnbloom
@ 4:01 pm

That was such a great episode. There are so many lines from it I still quote today.

Tom and Max are comedic geniuses.

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