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Comic page changes for the week

» The Sun Chronicle has picked up Tundra and Argyle Sweater, and moved Zits and Retail back to the comics page (from another location in the paper). Dropped are: Born Loser, Herman, Monty and On The Fast Track.

» Paul Jon Boscacci’s new strip, Fort Knox launches today. The Courier Journal, The Keene Sentinel, The Deseret News, The El Paso Times

» The Keene Sentinel has replaced For Better of For Worse and The Wizard of Id with Non Sequitur and Fort Knox.

» The El Paso Times as moved Doonesbury to the opinion page along with Mallard Fillmore. Filling its place on the comic page is Fort Knox.

Community Comments

#1 Darryl Heine
@ 4:32 pm

My Chicago newspaper hasn’t picked up Fort Knox yet. I want Fort Knox to replace in the Chicago Tribune a daily strip like maybe Brewster Rockit or Scary Gary!

#2 mike crachiolo
@ 9:14 pm

never heard of fort knox the comic but scary gary and brewster rockit are funny as hell

#3 Dave Robbinson
@ 6:26 am

Minneapolis Star-Tribune picked up Fort Knox. Dropped Ballard Street.

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