The Daily Cartoonist turns four today

The Daily Cartoonist turns four years old today. Don’t know about you all, but it feels like a long time ago. I appreciate all of you who have been long time regulars and those who are relatively new. When I first launched the blog, I didn’t promote it. I was hoping to build a backlog of stories before people came buy – that and I didn’t have much of a game plan beyond a personal desire to see what was happening in the industry. Within the first couple of months I saw a small trickle of visitors, but had no idea who they were or how they found me. By January of 2006 I started to see a spike in traffic. Then Dave Astor started to link to me and that was like the Father of Syndicating Reporting giving me a nod. I’ll always be indebted to his work at Editor and Publisher and his support of The Daily Cartoonist.

So here we are the cusp of year four. I don’t have any major changes planned, other than some maintenance work that keeps getting put off. I plan on returning a feature I started called The Cartoonist’s Cartoonists – better described as a tribute feature. I plan on doing more interviews as well with news-makers. Look for these in the coming weeks.

Traditionally I post some of the more interesting stats from the previous year. Here’s how we did in year three.

Posts and comments:

  • Total number of stories posted: 811
  • Total number of comments posted: 8861
  • Total number of Contributors: 17

Top 10 stories by page views:

  1. AAEC Convention Plans Shaping Up
  2. Gary Brookins Laid off from Times Dispatch
  3. Sean Delonas Catches Flack For Duplicating Self
  4. Opus Ends In A Story Book
  5. Rob Harrell to Work on Adam@home
  6. Keith Knight On Improving NCS, Cagle Responds
  7. Universal Launches Talent Search With Amazon
  8. Amazon Posts Quarterfinalists In Comic Strip Superstar Contest
  9. Ted Rall Laid Off From United Media
  10. Cathy Featured On 30 Rock

Top stories based on comments generated:

  1. Universal launches talent search with Amazon – 225 comments
  2. Open thread: Who’s going to this year’s Reubens? – 190 comments
  3. Keith Knight on improving NCS; Cagle responds – 186 comments
  4. AAEC convention plans shaping up – 182 comments
  5. Gary Brookins laid off from Times-Dispatch – 139 comments
  6. Delonas cartoon proves racially questionable – 128 comments
  7. Creators fights tax status in Los Angeles, again – 104 comments
  8. Rob Harrell to work on Adam@Home – 98 comments

Top 10 commentors last year

  1. Wiley Miller (509)
  2. Mike Peterson (206)
  3. Garey Mckee (175)
  4. Ted Rall (162)
  5. Mike Lester (156)
  6. Stacy Curtis (155)
  7. Rich Diesslin (153)
  8. Henry Clausner (133)
  9. Mark Tatulli (118)
  10. Rick Stromoski (114)

Thank you all again. It’s a great gig to have. I wish you all success in whatever projects you’re working on.

11 thoughts on “The Daily Cartoonist turns four today

  1. Congrats on 4 years. I always look forward to enjoying my morning coffee with the latest from the Daily Cartoonist.

    Keep up the great work.

  2. Egad! 118 posts! You’d think I had nothing but time on my hands! Oh, crap, is this 119 or 120?

    Congratz, Alan, on 4 years of being the go-to place for all cartoonists, be they web or print!

  3. Congrats on 4 years Alan. Ditto on a fine job! Glad to have turned over the top spot honors, yet still posting enough to prove I have no life 😉 Nice to finally met you at the Tundra seminar. Keep up the good work.

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