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Tom Gammill invades The New Yorker magazine

Headline says it all. Enjoy the clips.

Community Comments

#1 Brian Powers
@ 9:24 am

Tom is the Bomb!
Tom you should know that you have to submit a batch of cartoons every week for 10 years before you are even considered for the New Yorker.

#2 Nate Fakes
@ 9:41 am

Lol. Classic! Can’t wait for the next issue of The New Yorker to see Tom’s comic in there. Next for Tom – the cover.

#3 Lucas Turnbloom
@ 10:22 am

Tom’s hilarious. I had the pleasure of talking with him at Comic Con this year. Great guy!

#4 Jason Nocera
@ 11:32 am

These videos always make me laugh. Great job, Tom, as usual.

#5 Rich Diesslin
@ 12:28 pm


#6 Eddie Pittman
@ 10:02 pm

Tom cracks me up! These are hilarious as always!

#7 Eddie Pittman
@ 10:03 pm

Ok, I actually haven’t watched them yet. But they look really funny!

#8 Shannon Wheeler
@ 3:32 pm

I’m offended by his video. No respect. No respect at all.

And all that rejection hit too close to home.

(pretty funny actually)

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