Striker comic ends, but no-one told the readers

The British daily comics about football entitled Striker finished a 24 year run by its creator Pete Nash, but The Sun, which published the cartoon apparently never informed the readers that it was ending and abruptly filled the space with “funny pictures from the internet.” The result was a large amount of questions and complaints from readers asking why they could no longer find Striker in the paper.

Nash told Media that he agreed with the Sun more than a year ago that he would end the strip. He said: “I can’t imagine what their motives were in not telling the readers in the paper that Striker was finishing.

“It may be that there’s a deliberate reason behind it,” he continued, “or it may simply be that nobody [at the Sun] remembered that Striker was ending.

3 thoughts on “Striker comic ends, but no-one told the readers

  1. Replaced it with “funny picture from the internet”?!

    Seriously? Like your readers need any more encouragement to find out what this “internet” thing is all about. This is like a GM dealer putting a Prius in their showroom.

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