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Robinson awarded $5.2 million in plagiarizing case

Canadian cartoonist Claude Robinson has been awarded C$5.2 million
in a 14-year legal battle over alleged plagiarized animated work.

Cinar, which was sold in 2004 and relaunched as Cookie Jar, has been ordered to pay cartoonist Claude Robinson C$5.2 million (S$6.8 million) for using his cartoon series Les aventures de Robinson Curiosite as the basis for its series Robinson Sucroe.

Robinson had presented his works to Cinar almost two decades ago, but was turned away. He later spotted Cinar’s Robinson Sucroe series and noted its remarkable similarities to his own creation.

Community Comments

#1 Andertoons
@ 11:54 am

Ironic this comes on a Friday.

#2 Wiley Miller
@ 12:43 pm

Now comes the fun part… trying to collect.

#3 Mike Peterson
@ 6:39 pm

“Ironic this comes on a Friday.”

Whole thing was a shipwreck …

#4 Nelson Dewey
@ 10:48 am

I wonder if Cookie Jar assumed Cinar’s liabilities. If I remember right, Cinar went through a whole lot of legal wrangles… but they produced a lot of good shows and were good to work for.
I hope this doesn’t kill off Cookie Jar.

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