Explanation of out outages

For the last couple of weeks, the traffic on TDC has been spiking and causing some above average processing power to keep the site running. Yesterday, my hosting company had to disable the site. After reviewing the stats with their customer support, they allowed me to bring back the site with some modifications that hopefully will put a less strain on their systems and keep the site load time faster for you all.

I will be monitoring the site carefully for the next few days as I determine the next steps to insure this doesn’t happen again.

Thank you all for your patience and support.

5 thoughts on “Explanation of out outages

  1. The comment preview feature was one of problems. I have a workaround in mind, but I’m heading out on vacation and I just need things to be stable while I’m away.

  2. extremelt creative people, especially those who create and run a website like this deserves a break. Promise to come back.

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