Pandolph’s comics move exclusively to

As of today, all of Corey Pandolph’s comics, Toby, Robot Satan, Greene with Envy, Barkeater Lake and The Elderberries will only be featured on In a recent blog post, Corey said the decision was the result of an effort to try to simplify his life.

He writes:

This will greatly reduce my workload, as I will no longer have to maintain the individual sites, blogs and updates. Iâ??ll have one place to upload the strips and youâ??ll have one place you can read them. Win/win!

He also notes that Greene With Envy will start from the start beginning today on

8 thoughts on “Pandolph’s comics move exclusively to

  1. The guy does five comics, and now he wants to “simplify his life.”

    Um, Corey…with the time you save not uploading all your comics to different sites, will you now be able to take on a sixth strip?

  2. Charles, it’s not common knowledge that Corey also secretly draws “Lio.” You didn’t really believe Tatulli, who draws “Heart of the City,” also draws “Lio,” too? :o)

  3. Now I know that’s not true, cause the art on some of those strips, even ones that also made it to print, stinks. And Corey’s art don’t stink.

  4. I got inspired for a revised business plan. If I can make $5.00 a comic strip, I only need to create 50 strips a day to earn $250.00. Of course, this plan all hinders on getting $5.00 a strip – but I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

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