Star-Ledger: 1,200 complaints for dropping comics

E&P reports that The Star-Ledger of Newark received about 1,200 complaints from readers after they dropped six comics and moved one page of comics to another location in the paper.

Editor Jim Willse told E&P, “Virtually no one liked the change.”

Big understatement. Two comics will return. The change saves the paper $300,000 a year.

10 thoughts on “Star-Ledger: 1,200 complaints for dropping comics

  1. “im pretty sure lots of people read the sports pageâ?¦”

    As if there’s ONE page of Sports.

    The Star-Ledger editor says the four comics they cut still run on the newspaper’s website. I’m wondering if they pay the syndicates anything to run those comics on their website?

  2. Another bone-headed move by an editor under stress from owners in a panic. Look at Conde Nast’s demise, the Newhouses’ don’t know what they are doing.

  3. I am 80 years old, a retired Deputy Fire Chief Newark Fire Dept., I have a Masters Degree from Rutgers and the first thing I read in the Ledger each day are the comics. Do not cut the comics sometimes it is the only part of the paper that does not cause me to worry. Wake up and listen to your readers!!!!

  4. I’ve been reading the comics every Sunday for the last 50 years. One of the reasons I buy the Sunday paper is for the comics. Now that it’s been cut down to one section, why bother spending the money on the Star Ledger. Bye bye, you’ll be bankrupt before the end of 2012

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