TechCrunch Reports on Rise of New Media

The TechCrunch website just posted two articles with direct relevance to the ongoing discussions here at TDC about the demise of old media and the potential for webcomics.

The first, AOL Newsroom Now Has (Wow) 1,500 Writers reports on just that, the growth of AOL’s reporting capability. Most of those writers were gained from old media losses.

The second article, What If: The New New York Times describes an online entity that could actually pay for webcomics.

The part that is missing here is the part about how all the editorial cartoonists recently let go from old media are also going to work for these online new ventures. Why is that part missing?

4 thoughts on “TechCrunch Reports on Rise of New Media

  1. Is that “missing” as in “it’s happening but not being reported in the articles”, or “missing” as in “new media is hiring laid-off journalists but not laid-off editorial cartoonists”?

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