Self-syndicated Tundra hits 300 papers

The self-syndicated comic Tundra has hit the 300 papers milestone in just three years making it the most successful self-syndicated feature on the market. Chad Carpenter’s feature started in six newspapers in his home state of Alaska. A friend, Bill Kellogg offered to help sell it nationally.

Bill says selling the strip is relatively easy. “It sells itself. I just have to find a way to get it in front of the editors.”

Last year, Chad signed with Recycled Paper Greetings to create a line of greeting as well as a calendar deal with Andrews McMeel.

20 thoughts on “Self-syndicated Tundra hits 300 papers

  1. Tundra was run Sundays only in the Chicago Tribune from October 2008 to March 2009. I wish the Chicago Sun-Times picked it up.

  2. Tundra has been in the St. Pete Times for about a year but Monday-Saturday only. It does not appear in the Tampa Tribune.

  3. Surely Bill Kellogg has taken the art of begging and groveling to new heights! :O) Job well done! It doesn’t hurt either that Tundra is “laugh-out-loud” funny AND well drawn. Just goes to show you that quality Comics will get noticed and quality people will succeed. Congrats!

  4. Tundra is probably the best comic in newspapers today. It’s consistently funny and it’s got great art.

    Among todays greats – cul de sac, lio, pearls, non sequitur, pooch cafe, get fuzzy, ollie and quentin < a great strip…..go check it out, Tundra is amongst them and the fact that it’s self syndicated is great!

  5. BIG DEAL! All Kellogg does is GIVE the strip away for FREE…as long as the Tundra URL remains intact on the art! ANYONE can do that! There…I just saved everybody over $300 from the Seminar they’re giving in Las Vegas, cuz that’s what they’ll teach you.You’re welcome!

  6. Hey Jim Wilson thanks for the info, but if a strip is being given up where does the money come from even if the tundra URL is on the art, please elaborate if only a little , thanks

  7. Hey Jim thanks for the info but where does the money come from if strips are given away, cheers

  8. Ouch, Jim Wilson. Thatâ??s the cool thing about the internet. You can say anything you want about things you know nothing about, and you can remain protected by the anonymity of your made-up name.

    The only time I ever offered Tundra for free, other than trials (which the syndicates do as well), was for a paper in Antarctica because I thought it would be fun to be in that paper. They never responded though.

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