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Ruben Bolling announces product placement auction

Ruben Bolling, creator of Tom the Dancing Bug, has announced that he will be taking bids for product placement in his weekly alternative comic in an upcoming story-line. The proceeds will be donated to The Committee To Protect Journalists.

On his blog he writes:

Your product will be featured not in an ad, to which these groups are notoriously resistant, but within the artistic framework of the comic strip itself!

The fantastically popular “Tom the Dancing Bug” comic strip is auctioning off a product placement. The highest bidder will have the product of its choice unobtrusively yet noticeably placed in an upcoming “Super-Fun-Pak Comix” installment of the comic strip.

Community Comments

#1 Matt Hanneman
@ 6:31 pm

As a part time cartoonist with a full time advertising sales job, I find this very interesting. Why not… As long as said product placement doesn’t interfer with the integrity of the strip, it’s one more way to generate revenue from your comics.

#2 patty leidy
@ 7:22 pm

Ya mean I coulda been getting cashola’ for all my placement of
PEZ and YOHOO through the years…LOL

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