Nate Creekmore’s ‘Maintaining’ to end August 1

From the Times-Union blog
comes news that Nate Creekmore is ending Maintaining effective August 1.

Here’s what he told the Times-Union in an e-mail:

Maintaining is my comic strip and my intention was to make it as honest and genuine as possible. Iâ??m proud of the work Iâ??ve done with the strip and Iâ??m tremendously grateful to you and your newspaper. You allowed me to share my work with your readers.

Unfortunately, Maintaining was never much of a financial success and recent market conditions have only exacerbated the situation. Universal Press Syndicate has chosen to opt out of its contract with my strip and Iâ??ve decided to discontinue the production of the strip in order to concentrate on other projects.

The final daily strip is set to run on August 1st and the final Sunday is set to run on August 30th.

Maintaining launched in May of 2007.

13 thoughts on “Nate Creekmore’s ‘Maintaining’ to end August 1

  1. Nate you have always worked hard to keep the integrity of your work intact, and I know how difficult that can be. I wish you nothing but the best in your future endeavors!

  2. That’s a shame…I guess there will be a spot open for a new strip?,,,,hint-hint..
    (how do you spell HorsD’Oeuvres)sorry Nate just wanted to cheer u up.

  3. As the father of a biracial child named Marcus, I really enjoyed the strip, as I could wonder if I was looking into my future. The news of its demise is disheartening, but I sincerely wish Mr. Creekmore the best in all his future endeavors!

  4. I’m really sorry this strip will be ending. It was one of my favorites, and I’m a 70-year-old white woman.

  5. Dear Nate,

    I enjoyed your sarcasm, your satire, your sense of humor. As a Black American with Halfricanâ??s in my own family, I love the term. As with another favorite of mine Boondocks, I am sorry to see you go.
    It feels like a good friend moving up and out. I wish you success on all future endeavors.

  6. Did someone not do their marketing job well? “Maintaining” is a top notch strip and deserved a much longer run. It made me laugh AND made me think. I’ll miss Marcus, Anton and the whole gang. And Tavian…what a little dear! Nate, you are obviously very talented. Congrats on being syndicated at such a young age!!

  7. So I lost this strip, one of my favorites, when I moved from Detroit. I just found it today. Too late. Life is like that.

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