News briefs for June 25, 2009


» I believe I mentioned this. There will be a collection of Johnny Hart’s religiously themed B.C. comic strips.

» Barnes and Noble have once again steeply discounted Bill Mauldin’s collection “Willie & Joe: The WWII Years.” The books are listed at $65 but are on sale for $17.98 (no free shipping). Books are bargain books which are described as “books are new but may have slight markings from the publisher and/or stickers showing their discounted price.”

Comic Strips

» I’m a fan of comics and I know lots of fans of comics, but never have I met a fan quite as devoted to a single strip as Joseph Deschenes.

Joseph Deschenes has cut and pasted every single â??Rex Morganâ? strip those 61 years, a total of 152 story lines contained in neat order in 43 loose-leaf binders.

For a couple of years he kept the collected strips in the trunk of his car, afraid of his wifeâ??s reaction.

Editorial Cartooning

South African cartoonist Jonathan Shapiro (Zapiro) talks to CBC news about his cartoons that have railed against former African National Congress president and current South African President Jacob Zuma.


» Scott Nickel continues with his 20 questions segment. Cartoonists in the hot seat: Rick Stomoski and Dan Thompson

Graphic Novels

The Post Gazette profiles Ed Piskor and his popular Wizzywig graphic novel series. The latest release is Wizzywig Volume 2: Hacker.


» Creators Syndicate hires Jack Newcombe as executive vice president and general manager. Jack is the son of founder and CEO Rick Newcombe.

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  1. The B.C. religious theme collection “I Didi IT HIS Way” is well worth the price. I have read it cover-to-cover three times and will do so a few more time before Summer is over.

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