Washington Post Writers Group to launch Fort Knox

Washington Post Writers Group is set to launch a new feature entitled Fort Knox for debut on October 5. The new feature is by Paul Jon, a military brat whose taken his childhood experiences of constant moving and resettling and turned it into a strip featuring a military family (Major Joe Knox; Jane Knox; and their two boys, Donald and Wesley). From The Washington Post Writers Group promo page,

“Since 2005, Paul Jon has been developing Fort Knox and tapping the well of his childhood experiences â?? the frustrations and embarrassments and angst â?? the way Charles M. Schulz tapped his own childhood for 50 years,” says Washington Post Writers Group Comics Editor Amy Lago. “Four years of cartooning no doubt has been cheaper for Paul Jon than four years of therapy. The Writers Group is pleased that the cartooning, at least, is beginning to pay off.” Fort Knox will be distributed by the Writers Group starting Oct. 5 and will be available both daily and Sunday.

When not cartooning, Paul runs the creative services department of a software company.

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  1. Cool deal. Congrats Paul. As the others have already said, it seems like it’s been a while since a new feature has launched. Great job.

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