Coverly, Tatulli interviewed about Reuben weekend

Tom Racine’s Tall Tale Radio podcast this last week featured Mark Tatulli and Dave Coverly, both winners at this year’s National Cartoonist Society’s Reuben Awards Weekend. Tom takes the conversation into a post-Reuben wrap up and gets Dave and Mark’s reaction to the recent dust-up over Keith Knight’s cartoon over improving the NCS. Also appearing on the show is Sally Forth writer Francesco Marciuliano with a “Random Thoughts from Francesco.”

13 thoughts on “Coverly, Tatulli interviewed about Reuben weekend

  1. Dave and Mark on the same show?! That’s one I don’t want to miss. Boy, I sure hope Mark didn’t cuss and embarrass Dave. Mark likes to cuss.

  2. Only in acceptance speeches, John, when the show runs long and some of the winners aren’t present. Other than that, I’m straight up Disney-esque.

  3. I was graciously invited to Toonfest (no doubt due to the prodding of one Wiley Miller), but, sadly, I have to back out of that wonderful event. My schedule has just been chaos and September is shaping up to be more of the same. Hopefully, though, I can attend next year, if the invite is again extended.

  4. But…but…but…what about my photo opportunity?! I was counting on the photo of you and man-mountain Wiley side-by-side to be my first photo cover! Dagnabbit!!

  5. Not that there’s anyone who can, but do you know who they’ve asked to be there in Marceline in your place?

  6. Paul Fell just told me Sam Viviano has been added to their roster of guests. Not too shabby, one NCS 2009 award winner in place of another!

  7. Mark has my heartfelt invitation to be a Toonfest headliner next year. Provided, of course, Wiley and I are unable to lay waste to the town of Marceline during this year’s event and they are able to continue the Toonfest tradition.

  8. Paul, you and Wiley aren’t as disastrous as you make out to be. I’ve had the pleasure (seriously, folks, it WAS a pleasure) of spending time with the two of you in two different cities in the past couple of years, and both of those burgs are still standing!

  9. I TOTALLY should’ve gotten Mark to do some Karaoke. Talk about comedy gold. 🙂 Both those guys are very gracious with their time and words, and are terrific artists. I also hear they’re going to start a tour with their Hall and Oates cover band.

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