News Briefs for June 12, 2009


» Animated News blog reports that Ponyo, the Hayao Miyazaki film that is coming to the United States will open on an unprecedented 800 screens this August. His earlier film, Spirited Away only opened in 600.


» Michael Cavna interviews Boston Globe political cartoonist Dan Wasserman.

2 thoughts on “News Briefs for June 12, 2009

  1. Wow! I have great hopes for this movie. Pushing 80, and apparently Mr. Miyazaki hand animated most/all of the waves present in the movie, and used color pencils to render the backgrounds himself.

    First off, its refreshing to see this kind of artistry coming out of the Animation Industry in such a digital age (I say this working primarily on a Cintiq), and to see how involved Miyazaki is in the completion and execution of his films.

    Can’t wait. ^_^

  2. My favorite Miyazaki film thus far is definately Howl’s Moving Castle. I’m anxious to see if Ponyo will replace it as my favorite.

    One of the interesting points about the American dub of Howl’s Moving Castle is the voice work of Christian Bale. Before Bale got all hollywood and full of himself.

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