Reuben, NCS division awards results here live on Saturday

I’m closing shop down for the weekend to head to AZ for a family wedding. Thanks to Mary Anne Grimes at United Media and John Read of Stay Tooned! magazine, we’ll be able to bring you the results of the National Cartoonists Association’s Reuben Awards weekend. Mary and John will be texting me the results as they are announced and I’ll be posting them as soon as I get them here.

Big thanks to Mary and John for volunteering to send in the results! See you here on Saturday night!

9 thoughts on “Reuben, NCS division awards results here live on Saturday

  1. It’s nice to have some friends to ‘draw’ on for such a big chore that otherwise would ‘strip’ you of so much time. When you ‘ink’ed the deal with them to do this you must have called in a big ‘marker’ or ‘paper’ed them with constant pleas for assistance. Good thing such a big request didn’t cross the ‘line’.

    Oh gawd, I’m so ashamed…

  2. Nate, I blame you for my previous post. You ‘art’ to be ashamed of yourself.

    Oh Lord, forgive me….

  3. The only reason I agreed to do this was because I assume once the powers-that-be know I’m representing The Daily Cartoonist they’ll move me to the very front.

  4. Do you know where I sat last year John? In the back, almost outside the room. I don’t think my name has any currency in the NCS. 🙂

  5. Hi Alan. I sat at that table too. It wasn’t THAT bad. We were a lot closer to the open bar than the bigwigs up front….:0)

  6. When you’re in a tux it’s not so bad to be near the back door. It’s cooler. I hate wearing a tux. It is really cool to have a cartoon of your own on the big screen though. That was the best part.

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