“Chowder” wrapping up?

C.H. Greenblatt, creator of Cartoon Network’s Chowder, writes that the final episode of the show is being produced right now.

We don’t know if there’ll be any more Chowders after this one, so we have to assume this is the end until we hear otherwise. As I was told, CN doesn’t cancel shows, they just don’t renew them. This summer could change things if ratings are really good. We premiere in June, but I have no idea what week, and I was told there’ll be minimal advertising before the re-launch. If we do well, it’ll be thanks to the dedicated fans, not the network.

42 thoughts on ““Chowder” wrapping up?

  1. Chowder kind of annoys me. I don’t know what it is. That’s easily my least favorite Cartoon Cartoon.
    The Misadventures of Flapjack is easily my most favorite.

  2. My kids will be in mourning. Except that reruns will be on for the next 12 years, and they’ll watch each episode 3 more times.

  3. These cartoons kids watch today are like psychotic acid trips. They’re turning our children insane. Give me old fashioned high explosives and anvils on the head.

    signed, I.M.A. Crank

  4. Seeing that I WATCHED those “psychotic acid trips” as a kid (ah, how I miss “Ren & Stimpy” and “Rocko’s Modern Life”), I say, go for it.

  5. @Charles, I still can’t believe Ren & Stimpy was a real cartoon. I always felt like I was getting away with murder when I watched it as a kid. Powdered-Toast Man? WTF?
    I do miss more wholesome originality from cartoons like “Doug” though.

  6. “Last night I had a dream I was ketchup and you were mustard, which is really weird cause in my dreams you’re usually the mayonnaise.” — Chowder

    Funny stuff!

    I like “The Mighty B” quite a bit.

  7. “Venture Bros” has the honor of being the only Adult Swim program to actually make sense.

    The animation in “Superjail” rocks my world, though. I can’t believe it’s animated on Flash.

  8. I read somewhere recently (was it here?) that these kid’s animated shows have a limited shelf life by design. My personal favorite was Invader Zim, but that was canceled for other reasons.
    Incidentally, do you Ren & Stimpy fans recall the New Adventures of Mighty Mouse? Twisted. Check YouTube.

  9. Corey, no way is “Venture Bros” better than “House M.D.,” “In Treatment,” “Breaking Bad,” “Mad Men” or “30 Rock.” Find that lost remote so you can watch other channels besides Cartoon Network!

  10. Ok, you guys have convinced me. I’m quitting the strip and going to the Cartoon Network.

  11. When it comes to Cartoon Network, it’s either “Chowder” or “Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack”.

    “Flapjack” is creepier than anything Adult Swim ever airs. The creator is a creep, too (in a weird, awesome way).

  12. If we’re going down that road, Lucas, then no one’s got nuthin’ on the Real Housewives of New Jersey. You hear me, no one? NUTHIN’.

    And how the Hell could you not “get” Venture Bros? Staggers the imagination.

  13. venture bros is the kind of show i could only dream of creating. it somehow magically combines drama and comedy in a way you don’t quite realize along with epic storytelling.

    anyone that things VB is a Johnny Quest parody clearly has never watched VB.

  14. Wait, wait…best show ever? ’30 Rock’? ‘Breaking Bad’? ‘House’?

    Puh-leeeese! All Crap! Pure crap! Everyone knows that ‘TJ Hooker’ was the pinnacle of network television entertainment!

    Seriously, even ‘Hill St. Blues’ & ‘NYPD Blues’ sucked ditch water. I mean, let’s see Renko or Sipowicz disable an out of control, speeding 18 wheeler loaded with nuclear waste with only a night stick and a flying leg kick.

    Shatner should have his own animated show. I’d watch it forever.

  15. I’m leaning toward agreeing with Lucas.
    The next season of “Jon and Kate, Plus 8” could get VERY interesting if Jon has been stepping out.

    They may have to rename it “Jon, Kate, Eight, Separate.”

  16. They may have to rename it â??Jon, Kate, Eight, Separate.â?


    Or “Jon and Kate Plus Eight – and Attorney Who Will Mediate”

    Man that show is awful. I’m ashamed to say I actually saw it once. I can see why he had an affair. Poor schmuck.

  17. @ Lucas,
    Dude, you can’t be dissin’ the Shat like that! “You can name your own fracture” but he’ll still put a ‘Priceline’ whoopin’ on yo’ @$$!

  18. I guess I’ll have to be the one to stand up for Pinky and the Brain.

    “Pinky, are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

    “I think so Brain, but what if the chickens won’t wear the nylons?”


  19. “I’m not your boyfriend!” — Chowder

    …and the missing line of the opening theme is, “you share a big slice with everyone.”

    I liked Chowder. It was wacky. I’ll miss having new eps.

    Cartoon Network seems to be going toward cheap-to-produce live action crap. Looks like they’re going to do a teen ripoff of Survivor. If they’re desperate for programming, they have all their Boomerang stuff they can bring back. They own that outright.

  20. Looks like theyâ??re going to do a teen ripoff of Survivor.

    Which is incredibly ironic given that the ANIMATED parody of Survivor they premiered last year was the most popular show on the entire network for the 2008 season.

  21. Chowder and Flapjack are easily in my top 5 favorite TV shows! I think they both have the same level of entertainment and all that.
    One thing I don’t like about Carttonnetwork now is that they are going to start playing real live TV shows. I don’t think that should happen. I also think they could bring back some of the old shows from Boomerang instead of trying to get more rating or whatever with a bunch of reality shows. Besides, all the new shows they will play are pretty much rip-offs of other reality TV shows, except with kids in them.

  22. NOOOOO!!!
    They can’t cancel Chowder!!!!! It’s an awesome show like no other! Why can’t they continue it with more episodes instead of adding crappy reality kid shows to Cartoonnetwork??? D:

  23. It’s called CARTOON Network. They shouldn’t have non-cartoon shows. Foster’s Home, Chowder, and Flapjack were easily my favorite shows on this channel. Chowder being so creative and random. They shouldn’t cancel it!!! I’ll miss thrice cream and bluenanas too much.

    P.S. I completely forgot about Doug. What a good show.

  24. Ahh…will indeed be a sad day when Chowder goes away. It has brought about a new-found sense of hope in my life. HAHHAHAH well i agree that Flapjack is wierder, however I like it as well…Do you know of a site where you could possible e-mail episode Ideas’? PLZ HELP!!

  25. CN is making a mistake by deciding not to renew this. No, I am not much of a chowder fan but I’d rather see it there than the CN Real crap. Chowder had the potential to be a decent show. The idea of the setting and plot were creative. I can’t say I know of another cartoon about an apprentice chef and I had a few laughs with it. =/ CN is tossing away any good ideas thrown out them and replacing them with rip-offs, spin-offs and shows that are just plain stupid.

  26. I LOVE CHOWDER!!!!! I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS TO HAPPEN!!!! Chowder is the best original cartoon on cartoon network, flapjack is 2nd best. I have already written a VERY long letter to Cartoon Network expressing my deep frustration about it. I plan to rally everyone I know who also loves the show, to write to them as well. Remember it is how Family Guy got saved- twice!

  27. aaawww! chowder reminds me of good times of my baby bro and me before he deceased! boo cartoon cartoon!!!

  28. I have been watching Cartoon Network since the beginning and I honestly felt that Chowder was a breath of fresh air to a dying line-up of little boy geared garbage. I wish they would bring back the old school shows like dexter’s lab and cow and chicken. But I will miss Chowder greatly, it was something I looked forward to watching.

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