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Zapiro to remove shower head from Zuma’s head

Jonathan Shapiro (AKA “Zapiro”), the South African cartoonist who has drawn the ire, as well as law suits, from the new president Jacob Zuma, has decided to remove the shower head from atop Zuma’s cranium as a demonstration of optimism.

I thought I will take stock of where we are and give the presidency a chance to get going

He also states the the removal may not be permanent depending on how Zuma’s presidency goes.

Community Comments

#1 josh shalek
@ 1:25 pm

Man, I wish we could see Zapiro’s comics here in the States.

#2 Rob Tornoe
@ 2:00 pm

Josh, through the magic of internet tubes, you can!

#3 Jim Lavery
@ 9:03 pm

Hey, where can I get me some of them internet tubes?

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