Shapiro wins award for Rape of Justice cartoon


South African editorial cartoonist Jonathan Shapiro (“Zapiro”) won the graphical journalism category of the Mondi Shanduka Newspaper Awards for his two cartons “Rape of Justice” and “Xenophobia Flag.” The former cartoon depicted the then African National Congress leader Jacob Zuma of preparing to rape lady justice and sparked a law suit against the cartoonist by Zuma, who is now the South African President.

“The judges did not necessarily endorse the sentiments of the controversial Rape of Justice cartoon, but acknowledged it is an outstandingly powerful visual statement that had been deliberately designed to elicit enormous reaction.”

3 thoughts on “Shapiro wins award for Rape of Justice cartoon

  1. Good for him. It’s a very striking image and it gets a point across – very clearly. I’m sure it did stir some emotion.

  2. We can only end injustice by speaking of it. Ironic that this cartoon provoked what I take as your ironic comment la super chica, and clearly you are a male, a tri-fecta of thought provication.

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