Painting a peace mural with Phil Yeh

Phil Yeh, considered the godfather of the American graphic novel, will be at the Dayton International Peace Museum today painting a mural about world peace. People are invited to get involved in the work and will receive a free book. Phil started Cartoonists Across America & The World back in 1985 to promote literacy and arts using comics. Since then the group has painted over 1,800 murals across the world. The International Peace Museum is located at 208 W. Monument Ave. in downtown Dayton Ohio.

6 thoughts on “Painting a peace mural with Phil Yeh

  1. Wonder how long they’ve been promoting it. I live in Dayton and never heard about it until your not. Perhaps they should have done it in Yellow Springs.

  2. One thousand, eight hundred murals painted!!?!

    WOW! Take that, illiteracy, POW, right in the kisser! LOL

    Phil has had a full schedule, eh? 😉

  3. Phil’s mural painting events bring out the media and get discussions like this started about the importance of literacy. Few Americans are aware of the serious stats about adult illiteracy in this country. We are in New York this week about to paint a mural in the lobby of The Hotel Penn across from Madison Square Garden, May 27, and then our annual mural at the BookExpoAmerica May 29-31. Phil’s latest comic, Dinosaurs Across New York debuts this week as well.

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