News briefs for May 6, 2009

Children’s Books

» Mutts creator Patrick McDonnell has a new book coming out this fall called “Wag.” The book is based on the characters in his comics strip. It’s due out in October.

Editorial Cartooning

» Steve Greenberg, taking a page from the Milt Priggee playbook, is now doing editorial cartoons for the news blog LA Observed.

Ted Rall and David Essman have posted their latest political animation entitled “Dharma Bums” which “sarcastically argues that the best way to turn terror suspects into pro-American patriots is to pour water up their nose.”

Graphic Novels

» The Chicago Tribune lists “the most unspeakably horrific, unceasingly gory and unremittingly icky movies, books and TV shows dealing with plagues.” Top of the list: graphic novel “Y: The Last Man.”


» Marek Bennett is interviewed about his self syndicated comic Mimi’s Donuts.

» Tall Talk Radio talks with Universal Press Syndicate editor John Glynn about Univeral’s recent announcement that they are taking comic submissions electronically.

» More interviews at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival: Aaron Costain, Mariko Tamaki, Florrent Ruppert, Cecil Castellucci, Brian McLachlan, Michèle Laframboise and Sparkplug Comic Books

» David Malki talks to Comic Book Resources about Wondermark.

» Michael Cavna talks with Art Spiegelman.

Mobile comics

» UCLICK Creates Garfield y Garfield English-Spanish Language Learning Tool for iPhone and iPod Touch


Brad Guigar writes about how to put together your own press kit.

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