More comic page changes

» Toby, Robot Satan has been cut from the NYC and Boston Metro papers to cut costs or someone put the fear of God in them.

» The Tribune (San Luis Obispo, CA) has reduced the paper’s width which actually created more room on their comics page. They brought Dilbert back from the business section and picked up Tundra.

» The Fayetteville Observer added Prickly City to their opinion page to balance out Doonesbury.

3 thoughts on “More comic page changes

  1. Toby cut?!?! NOOO!! I’m sure Metro papers are now condemned to a firey eternal hell. Which begs the question, how does that differ from every other newspaper?

  2. dang, I was impressed that Boston Metro editors were savvy enough to run a cool comic like Toby.. should have known it wouldn’t last…

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