Eight cartoonists visit troops in US, Germany

Eight cartoonists, Jef Mallett (Frazz), Bill Amend (Fox Trot), Bill Hinds (Tank McNamara, Cleats, Buzz Beamer), Dave Coverly (Speed Bump), Jack Davis (Mad magazine), Michael Ramirez (editorial cartoonist for Investors Business Daily, Rob Smith Jr. (editorial cartoonist for Glen Beck) and Jeff Bacon (cartoonist for Navy Times and Marine Corps Times) recently visited wounded troops in Bethesda Hospital (MD), Walter Reed Hospital (Washington D.C.) and Germany.

Last year members of the NCS took the same trip. Participant last year included: Chip Bok, Jeff Keane, Rick Kirkman, Mike Peters, Mike Luchovich, Walt Handlesman, Stephan Pastis, and Tom Richmond.

11 thoughts on “Eight cartoonists visit troops in US, Germany

  1. T AB, there are, in fact, plans for an Iraq/Afghanistan trip later this year. Jeff Bacon, member of the National Cartoonists Society, organizes these “cartoonists drawing for the troops” events.

  2. Kudos to all involved. I am involved in a local troop support group which sends letters and packages to our military men and women around the world. Letters From Home has been around for 3 years and instead of writing out one letter I draw toons and they are placed in random envelopes, so more then one person can look at it. If I were a syndicated, or better known, toonist I wouldn’t mind going. I’ll just keep doing what I do.
    Thanks to the brave military men and women looking out for us and the cartoonists willing to go where needed and spread some much needed cheer.

  3. When I was a combat illustrator in the Marine Corps a few years back, I was going through our old poster archives at my shop and discovered a bunch of recruiting posters done by Jack Davis, and I wasn’t allowed to keep them. Bummer.

    My biggest complaint is I spent a few hours at Walter Reed myself for a foot injury and I never got to meet Jack, but what can you do. I think it’s really great this is going on and encourage it to continue.

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