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Patrick O’Connor lands work with the L.A. Times

Patrick O’Connor, who was laid off from the Los Angeles Daily News back in January, has picked up a bit of work with the cross town rival paper the Los Angeles Times doing illustrations for their op-ed page.

From his blog, he writes:

I’ve been doing some illustrations for the Los Angeles Times! Most editors and management at the Daily News had an unhealthy dislike for their crosstown rival. I always thought it was a far superior paper and have enjoyed it for a long time. So, it feels good to see my work on the Op Ed pages.

Community Comments

#1 Nate Fakes
@ 9:51 am

Good for you, Patrick! Keep it up.

#2 Mike Thompson
@ 9:53 am

Way to go, Patrick. Show up the News!

#3 Jeff Darcy
@ 9:56 am

Great, News Patrick! Hope it leads to something more – and not,like, having to do product placements in your illustrations or cartoons for them.

#4 Jeff Darcy
@ 10:03 am

I don’t know if they still run Joel Pett’s round-up of cartoons on Sunday- but it would be great if they threw your editorial cartoons in with that -in addition to the illustrations your doing.
Nice to see they recognize the value of a local voice
-Good Luck

#5 Pat Bagley
@ 10:31 am

They can’t keep a good man (or woman) out of the editorial pages. Good for you, Patrick.

#6 Pedro Molina.
@ 11:54 am

Hi everybody, always reading, but this is my first post. Good news Patrick! hope you get the chance to include some cartoons too.

#7 Nate Beeler
@ 3:18 pm

Those illustrations are really freakin’ good, Pat! Good job getting in the Times.

#8 Brian Fairrington
@ 6:19 pm

geez, they’ll hire anyone now-a-days!

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