Pulitzers announced today at 3 (EST) – details here

The Pulitzer Prize winners will be announced at 3 p.m. EST. I will be posting the announcements as they are made public. Meet back here to discuss the winner.

9 thoughts on “Pulitzers announced today at 3 (EST) – details here

  1. Why wait? Here’s the E&P story:

    — The editorial cartoonists category has a history of citing the same pool of candidates as either finalists or winners in recent years. The last three winners, Michael Ramirez, Mike Luckovich and Walt Handelsman, had each won previously. Other regular finalists or winners to look for are Clay Bennett, David Horsey, Mike Thompson and Nick Anderson. Of course, with at least 14 daily newspapers dropping their editorial cartoonists in the past year, the pool grows ever smaller.

    I’ll take Horsey (no race track pun intended) Talented guy who can draw. Liberal. Got the sympathy factor working for him down the stretch. Unfortunately, that of means an employed cartoonist will lose to one who is under or unemployed -which would be in line w/ the current attitudes in America.

  2. These are my picks, in no particular order:

    Etta Hulme
    Ann Telnaes
    Jeff Stahler
    Steve Sack
    Clay Bennett

    Quite honestly, anyone who has kept their staff editorial cartoonist job this far, deserves a Pulitzer Prize.

  3. I hope the winner is someone who got laid off recently, like Brian Duffy, Bill Day, Bob Ariail or Gary Brookins. It would so shine the spotlight on the idiots in charge of counting beans at their former papers.

  4. Here’s my random list of those deserving and overlooked:

    Etta Hulme
    Steve Sack
    Steve Kelly
    Jack Ohman
    Rob Rogers
    Robert Ariail
    Mike Keefe
    John Sherffius
    Mike Thompson
    John Cole
    Jeff Danziger
    Jeff Stahler
    John Trever

    That’s just off the top of my head.

  5. Horsey has a LOT more than the sympathy factor. In fact he has the inside track to win his third Pulitzer. Especially since he was one of the judges….. 🙂

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