Breen, Thompson, Wuerker Pulitzer Prize finalists

With the announcement that Steve Breen being named as the winner of the 2009 Pulitzer Prize, so too are named the other finalists. This year’s finalists also include Mike Thompson of the Detroit Free Press and Matt Wuerker of Politico.

This is the third time Mike has been been a finalist. The judges note that he was a finalist “for his compelling collection of print and animated cartoons that blend the great traditions of the craft with new online possibilities.” He was a finalist back in 2006 and 2007.
This is Matt’s first time as a Pulitzer finalist for what the judges view as “his engaging mix of art and ideas, resulting in cleverly conceived cartoons that persuade rather than rant and that sometimes use animation to widen their impact.”

One thought on “Breen, Thompson, Wuerker Pulitzer Prize finalists

  1. Breen, Thompson, and Wuerker ALL are worthy of plaudits.

    There seems to be a fascination with animation, though, on the part of the judges.

    This, to me, dilutes the impression, simplicity, and power of the single image. While new avenues for expression are welcome, this would establish some kind of multi-media requirement for future aspirants.
    Perhaps the committee should have multiple categories? ( Or come right out and call it an award for excellence in editorial animation ).

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