Dean Koontz publishes first graphic novel

Dean Koontz, the suspense-thriller best-selling author has produced his first graphic novel. The graphic novel is entitled, “In Odd We Trust” and is about a young man named Odd Thomas who has a secret – he can see dead people. Artist Queenie Chan provides the manga art style.


The pacing of the novel is also very fast-paced and we are immediately introduced to Odd Thomas and his special ability. Then, Chief of Police Wyatt Porter, a frequent customer of Odd’s cooking, shares with him the details of a case involving a child-killer. Apparently, boy’s babysitter was being stalked and the stalker changed his intended target from the babysitter to the boy. The babysitter is revealed to be Sherry Sheldon, a close friend of Odd’s girlfriend, Stormy Llewellyn. Again, the name belies the character’s personality: Stormy is a gun toting, free-spirited individual. Naturally, Odd and Stormy hope to stop the killer before he strikes again.

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  1. I bought this when it first became available. Pretty good prequel for the Odd Thomas series of novels. The art is good and so is the story, I recommend it!

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