Super Fogies webcomic included in Big Bang Theory episode


Last night’s episode of Big Bang Theory featured a scene in a comic book shop. Amongst the many comics in the background included Brock Heasley’s webcomic Super Fogeys.

You can watch the comic store scene on CBS’s website.

Hat tip to Norm Feuti.

16 thoughts on “Super Fogies webcomic included in Big Bang Theory episode

  1. Hey, thanks Norm and Alan! It was a great episode last night and I was totally freaking out seeing my comic up there. Noah’s right–you can’t buy that kind of publicity, but you can give it away for free!

  2. Congratulations, Brock!

    I remember Dave Kellett’s thrill when a Sheldon collection was carried on stage by Allison Hannigan during shooting of “How I Met Your Mother.”

    This kind of thing only happens when the producers, directors, or actors are actual fans of your work, so congrats are definitely in order!

    (Oh, and jealousy. HAVE SOME OF MY JEALOUSY!) 😉

  3. Could Kellett’s wife, a writer for “How I Met Your Mother” have had anything to do with that? 🙂

    It’s very cool and I’m sure if you take a good look in the background of the comic book store in The Big Bang Theory last night, you might see more surprises. I have it on our DVR, maybe I’ll try that later.

  4. Congrats.
    If there’s any HBO Soprano fans out there you may remember the opening show of the, I Believe it was 2002 or 2003 season, when the young guy (I don’t know any of the characters because I never watched ths show) killed someone, went to his mother’s and attached a $20 bill on the frig. This was at the end of the show and they did a close up focus on the bill for like two minutes. My cartoons were all around that $20 and right out there to see. The producers of this show said the character’s mother was a big Reader’s Digest fan and this was why they contaqcted me since I’m a Reader’s Digest cartoonist
    The Sopranos show had contacted me to ask me to use my work. You’re probably wondering how much I was paid for the use of my work.
    If you buy me a cup of coffee, I can tell you and then I will be able to say I made a cup of coffee from the use of my material on that show.

  5. That is too awesome. Congrats Brock! Can you give us any details on how this came about.

    Considering Sheldon and “How I Met You Mother,” I think it’s more surprising that it took *so long* for a Sheldon book to appear, rather than that it appeared at all.

  6. Sure thing, Tony. The details are pretty simple, actually. Someone in charge of set decoration over at the Big Bang Theory contacted Th3rd World and asked if they had any comics or posters they could use for a particular episode. We said “yes,” obviously, and sure enough you can spot mucho Th3rd World product in many of the shots in the comic book store. SuperFogeys is just one among many. Don’t know if anyone who works on the show is actually a fan or not, but you never know–the comics are there now and good for readin’!

    At the time they asked us for it, we had no idea in what context the comics would be used. Not information they felt like giving us. It was a nice surprise to see them in the context of a comic book shop–which is not a place the SF books have ever actually been sold…yet.

  7. I know, Brian’s hilarious. Every time I hear him interject comments like this I wonder what it would be like if he didn’t do such a family friendly comic. I like Dog Eat Doug plenty, but what kind of comic would Brian do if he really let loose?

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