News Briefs for April 14, 2009

Comic Strips

» Lynn Johnston has been working on a children’s book entitled, “Farley Follows His Nose.” They’ve posted the front cover on her blog.

» Gay comics pioneer Jeff Krell, creator of the groundbreaking comic strip Jayson and longtime translator for famed German cartoonist Ralf König, will appear at Pittsburgh’s Steel City Con on Saturday, April 25

Editorial Cartooning

» Daryl Cagle opines that with the newspaper industry retraction, we’re going to see a “McDonaldization” of editorial cartooning. Good, but limited choices.

8 thoughts on “News Briefs for April 14, 2009

  1. One problem with Daryl’s analogy; shouldn’t the definition of “McDonaldization” be, “a limited selection of bland and vaguely nauseating fare”?

  2. Re: shouldnâ??t the definition of â??McDonaldizationâ? be, â??a limited selection of bland and vaguely nauseating fareâ??

    Yes, seems to be a requirement that an editorial cartoon be bland to be widely reprinted.

  3. I wasn’t speaking specifically about editorial cartoons — though as you say, in general mass-consumption does tend to favor the bland.

    But I was merely observing that calling anything on the McDonalds menu “pretty good” is like calling the latest issue of Maxim “good sex”.

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