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Comic changes for the week (UPDATED)

The Chicago Tribune has moved its Sunday comics to a broadsheet format and in the transition lost five Sunday strips: Lio, Brewster, Scary Gary, Tundra and Argyle Sweater.

The Antelope Valley Press (Palmdale, CA) picked up Rip Haywire and will running the first week of May. Rip Haywire will also start in the Tribune (Sparks, NV) on April 20th.

From RACS is a mention that The State (Columbia, SC) is going to drop four comics. Readers to choose from: The Middletons, Cathy, Shoe, Hagar the Horrible and Slylock Fox.

UPDATE: MJ dug into the St. Louis Dispatch archives to find the results of their reader poll. They cut four features: Brenda Starr, My Cage, Candorville and The Pajama Diaries.

Community Comments

#1 Stacy Curtis
@ 10:08 am

The geniuses at The Chicago Tribune strike again.

#2 Bryan Young
@ 10:11 am

The Chicago Tribune has been changing the format just to make ends meet roughly 5 times within the last 7 months. I was honestly starting to wonder when the comics section would change. Ive been watching this happen since I started delivering them.

#3 patty leidy
@ 11:07 am

well shoot…of COURSE it’s the entertaining ones….sigh

#4 Dan Bielinski
@ 1:35 pm

I was disappointed to see “Lio” missing in the Trib Sunday. It’s the first comic I read that day. The Trib really blew it on this one. Shocking, eh?

#5 Jason Nocera
@ 1:54 pm

Congrats, Dan, on getting two new papers! Well deserved! I’ve been reading Rip Haywire online and love it.

#6 Stacy Curtis
@ 1:55 pm

Honestly. They wonder why they’re on the brink of utter failure.

#7 Mark Tatulli
@ 2:03 pm

Hey, Dan, you know you can write to the Tribune or call them up and complain about dropping LIO …I personally would appreciate it!

#8 Robert Stone
@ 3:45 pm

Congratulations to Dan Thompson! It’s good to see that Rip is on the move!

#9 Dan Bielinski
@ 11:20 am

I’ll do that, Mark.

By the way, my 8 yr old has both Lio books. He’s a big fan.

#10 Mark Tatulli
@ 12:52 pm

Hey, thanks, Dan…and send me a letter in care of my syndicate, and I’ll draw your son a little LIO doodle!

#11 Dan Bielinski
@ 8:55 am

Thanks, Mark! My son is looking forward to that.

The Trib received my profanity laced emial on Friday. No, I’m just kidding. It was short, sweet and polite. I hope they bring it back.

#12 Darryl Heine
@ 10:50 am

I sent a comment/suggestion e-mail to the Tribune as well hoping to reinstate the Sunday Lio strip, maybe replacing Pickles. I also wish the daily Chicago Tribune comics:
1) Dropped the 2008 feed of Bliss strips or Argyle Sweater and/or drop Scary Gary or Brewester Rocket in favor of these strips that don’t appear in any Chicago newspapers currently: Heathcliff, Off the Mark, Flying McCoys, My Cage, Rip Haywire, Off the Mark, and Over the Hedge.

We’ll see what happens…

#13 Jamie Sciullo
@ 10:17 am

Add me to the list of those who are sorely disappointed in the Trib dropping the Sunday Lio strip. I enjoyed Scary Gary as well. Natch, two of the better ones had to get booted and not, say, a strip whose name rhymes with Braising Vector…

#14 Wiley Miller
@ 10:26 am

There’s no list, Jamie, so I suggest you call the editor of the Trib and complain. And keep calling every day.

#15 Stacy Curtis
@ 11:06 am

I grabbed a copy of the Chicago Tribune this past weekend to see the atrocity their comics section has become and I couldn’t believe they dropped those comics in favor of keeping “Braising Vector” and some other comics that they allowed to stay in the section. I wonder if they get a discount on the comics carried by Tribune Media Services?

I want to see Lio back in the Sunday section.

I’ve contacted Gerry Kerns a couple of times already.

Here is Gerry Kern’s contact information if you need it:

Email the editor at:
Editors name, Gerould W. Kern
Phone number: 1-800-874-2863

His Twitter page:

If he Twitters, that might be a good way to get in touch with him directly and instantly?

#16 Jamie Sciullo
@ 8:55 pm

I sent off my input to the Trib editor, Wiley. Fingers crossed!

#17 Darryl Heine
@ 10:47 pm


Wiley: Be glad the Chicago Tribune still runs your Non Sequieter strip on Sundays since it was dropped from the daily Tribune strip in October 2008.

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