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Disney to release 17 3-D films in next 3 years

3-D animated films have proven to be big business. Disney says they have 17 3-D animated film releases in the works for release in the next three years. This October, they will release a two-week double feature of “Toy Story” and “Toy Story 2” and follow up with a release a 3-D rework of its animated musical “Beauty and the Beast” next February.

Community Comments

#1 Manny Peters
@ 12:19 pm

I’m really looking forward to seeing more films done in the real3D experience. I took my son to see Monsters vs Aliens last weekend and it was a really treat–it’s so much better than the old red/blue tinted glasses of yesteryear. No more headaches and monotone image–just crystal clear colour picture.

#2 Charles Brubaker
@ 12:23 pm

This was announced two days ago.

…uh, April Fools?

If not, then wow.

#3 Larry Levine
@ 12:31 pm

3D movies have come a long way since it’s House of Wax days.

#4 Josh McDonald
@ 12:49 pm

It’s not April Fools. I’d heard about a month ago that Disney was going to be doing a lot more 3D animation.

#5 Alan Gardner
@ 1:02 pm

I was actually surprised when I came across this. I thought with the acquisition of Pixar they were letting Pixar do all their animation.

#6 Jesse Cline
@ 1:20 pm

From what I’ve read elsewhere Pixar will continue to do their own thing with a release schedule of about 1 movie a year.

And to clarify, the article isn’t talking about 3D as in Pixar CGI 3D, most of these will be re-releases of standard movies in “wearing-cheesy-glasses” 3D.

#7 Manny Peters
@ 2:15 pm

I call them the Buddy Holly/Weezer glasses. ;)

#8 phil tography
@ 4:57 pm

Disney is going to kill 3D. Can you say, “Over Exposure” that is what is going to happen.

#9 Kelly McNutt
@ 5:07 pm

One can only hope that by banking so much on the technology that they’ll aim to improve the technology as well. That being said, from my standpoint, I don’t care how awesomely 3D it is if the story is thin and insipid.

#10 Jack Cayless
@ 6:45 pm

I wonder if they’ll ever be a time when 3D brings something interesting to films, instead of just the guy sitting next to you trying to dodge the CG meteor and spilling all of his Sprite into your lap.

#11 Garey Mckee
@ 11:46 pm

It’s visual stimulus to attempt to cover thinner and less developed story lines.

#12 Bob Quick
@ 7:47 am

I would love to see Superman, Batman, Spiderman
and even Peter Pan in 3-D. Monsters and Aliens was well
done and a real treat. Worth the extra money.

#13 John Auchter
@ 7:32 am

“I wonder if theyâ??ll ever be a time when 3D brings something interesting to films….”

Oh, man. Go see “Coraline.” Quickly! Go! It might already be out of theaters. If you want to see how 3D can be integrated into an absolutely sublime animated storytelling experience, this is it. Henry Selick. Genius.

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