Spider-Man graphic novel to be banned from school

A Spider-Man graphic novel is being questioned for appropriate content for Norris Elementary School by one mother. With the growth in popularity of graphic novels such hard cover comic books are being added to Nebraska school libraries, but this one in question shows the Mary Jane Watson character in a bikini and other “states of undress.” In addition to the “sexual undertones,” the mother feels that comic book “hold little literary value.” The head librarian stated that the graphic novel has been in high demand. Comicbook.com blogger Tony Dillard researched the book and found that it was first published in 2002, has a PG rating and clearly states that it is for 12+ ages. The library will form a review committee to evaluate the mother’s complaint.

5 thoughts on “Spider-Man graphic novel to be banned from school

  1. Parents should encourage reading as much as possible. Comic books are just plain fun. If this one shows too much skin, then keep it in the High School library (PG) … but comic books are generally great reading material. Parents should encourage their kids to read them.

  2. The Norris School District is a few minutes south of Lincoln, where I live. Most of the folks who live in the district work in Lincoln. Both of the secondary art teachers there are former students of mine from when I was a college prof. It’s a very,very good public school.

    Invariably, you will always get some disgruntled mother who not only wants a particular book kept from her child, but from ALL of the children. I hope the committee finds in favor of keeping graphic novels in the library and sends a clear message to these cranks who want to impose their moral views on everyone else. Perhaps she should home school her kid to protect him from being exposed to IDEAS.

  3. IT”S AN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!!! Don’t be ridiculous – the book should be pulled pronto! if other parents want their little kiddies reading graphic novels with sexual undertones and states of undress, let them do it at home. My guess is that the other parents don’t even know the book exists.

  4. Elementary school kids should in no way be exposed to the human body unless it’s depicted in a video game getting ripped to shreds with any variety of weaponry.

  5. Graphic novels and why would anyone pick on spidy? I mean really. Ok maybe M.J. wears a bikini, so do most of the female poulation wheres one! All spider man does is fight crime. maybe its spidy wearing spandix.


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