News Briefs for March 31, 2009

» Robert Crumb has announced that he is finished with his satirical take on the Book of Genesis. The British publisher is predicting it will, “provoke the religious right.” Sounds about right. These days a drawing including nothing but a circle in the middle is going to generate backlash from some group.

» Those in the webcomic world have no doubt followed the post-New England Webcomics Weekend write-ups. For those of us not in that world (yet), Comic Book Resources has a nice write-up. The bottom-line – expect this to event to repeat.

» catches up with Nicholas Gurewitch who’s book The Perry Bible Fellowship Almanack is being billed as the last The Perry Bible Fellowship collection due to Nicholas being engaged movie script-writing.

» Much like MTV, which doesn’t play music videos anymore, Publisher’s Weekly notes that the Cartoon Network running less cartoons and more “live action and unscripted alternative programming.” I guess if you want cartoons you just have to do it the old fashion way and get it in your newspaper. At least for now.

» Sun-Times Media Group files for chapter 11. It has money for day-to-day expenses, but not the rest.

» Mike Rhode, the best blogger in D.C. on comic related news, points out that the figures cited by the Washington Post on money saved by dropping comics doesn’t add up.

» Washington Post editorial cartoonist Tom Toles video:

5 thoughts on “News Briefs for March 31, 2009

  1. Stinks about Cartoon Network. I know even Adult Swim has been doing some live-action, too. And to top it off, “Chowder” may apparently get the boot (it’s not official yet, although the creator is pretty somber about it)

  2. “These days a drawing including nothing but a circle in the middle is going to generate backlash from some group.”

    Sure, make a crack if you want, but is it fair that squares or even rectangles are excluded?

  3. Are you sure Crumb’s take on Genesis is satirical? What I’ve heard, including from people who’ve seen the art, is that it’s a pretty straightforward take, although done Crumb-style. I understood he was counting on the source material itself to provide all the sex and violence a Crumb fan could possibly want, basically taking the Bible at face value and giving him the perfect answer for anyone who objects: Go read the book. But perhaps I’m misinformed.

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