Tom Meyer takes buy-out from SF Chronicle (UPDATED)

I don’t have a lot of details, but according to one report,, San Francisco Chronicle editorial cartoonist Tom Meyer is one of those who have taken a buyout. The Chronicle has threatened to close down if it can’t make concessions with its union.

UPDATE: Sacramento Business Journal also mentions Tom’s buyout.

4 thoughts on “Tom Meyer takes buy-out from SF Chronicle (UPDATED)

  1. I think this is very sad… Tom is a huge talent. But he had already been leaned on to take on extra duties a couple years ago, and probably felt he was likely to become another laid-off editorial cartoonist if he didn’t grab the buyout now.

  2. I love it.

    Alan sez:

    “I donâ??t have a lot of details, but according to one report,…..”

    If you don’t have any details, why open your pie hole? And, why not question the questionable source,

    OMG, they speaketh the truth. Well, they do as they see it.

    Ain’t the inet great. Tell a lie and in two blips it’s the “truth”.

    BTW, what do you think of Meyer’s cartoon on “The Back Page” of the SF Chron “Insight” for 13DEC2009?

    Oh, I forgot, he doesn’t work there any more. lol


  3. You know you’re getting the inside word from the journalism world when a post contains both OMG and lol.

    Note that OMG is capitalized in the AP Stylebook because it would be clumsy to write “omG.” But lol is lower case.

    PS — I was offered a buyout at a paper where I worked. I had six weeks to decide. During those six weeks, my byline still appeared regularly.

    PPS — Alan said the source had reported and was quite clear that it was not confirmed. Those of us who are not illiterate 12 year olds knew what that meant.

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