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Grant Snider wins Charles M. Schulz award

This year’s Charles M. Schulz award for best college cartoonist goes to Grant Snider of The University News at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Grant will receive $10,000 for his comics “that reflect the influence of graphic novels.”

I believe this is his blog where you can see samples of his work.

Finalists this year included: Joseph Devens, The Daily Texan, The University of Texas at Austin and Christopher Sharron, Daily Kent Stater, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio

Community Comments

#1 Mike Lester
@ 11:15 am

Grant, Congratulations. Very nice work. A little out of the traditional editorial, graphix paper, crosshatch mold w/ a dash of TomtheDancingBug but not so close as to be aped. btw: never draw apes. Good luck.


#2 Brian Fairrington
@ 8:21 pm

Congrats- great stuff.

Your work shows a lot of confidence and sophistication in a great modern style. Very worthy of the win.

10 Grand! Geez, ten years back when I won it was only 2K. It’s nice to see at least award prize money has outpaced inflation!

#3 Blair
@ 8:56 am

Hey, I am doing a project on you and I would like to know if you went to College because it does not say on the Computer?

#4 Blair
@ 8:58 am

Hello, My name is Linda Blair and I am doing a project on you and I wouls like to know if you went to College?Thank you for your time…

Your friend,
Linda Blair

#5 Linda Blair
@ 8:59 am

Hello, my name is Linda and I am doning a project on you and I would like to know if you went to College?

#6 Rick Stromoski
@ 9:57 am

Gee Linda..all these questions are making my head spin.

#7 Christopher Martin
@ 7:35 pm

Nice work. I think that Linda Blair girl really wants to know if you went to college. Tell her how you dropped out. Kidding, well technically it’s true but you did so to go onto dental school. It’s not like you were playing world of warcraft all day and sketching a comic from time to time and decided it was the endless game or college and you chose the 40 year old virgin virtual outlet. Miss you buddy, hope to see you around soon. Congratulations and I love Thursday mornings and viewing the material in the preview section.

aka C-Money

#8 Mike Peterson
@ 2:55 am

She wants to know if the college cartoonist went to college?

Next question: Do you draw cartoons?

#9 Lolli Palooza
@ 2:51 pm

We should make a cartoon a bout talk’n ba-ba’s

P.S. im a baby! :)

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