News Briefs for March 12, 2009

» I’m heading into the busy time of year at my day job. I opened up the ability for you all to post news items when my time was sparse. Please consider contributing to keep the news fresh and the community growing. Thanks!

» After cracking his Fibula skiing last week, Corey Pandolph, cartoonist for The Elderberries, Toby, Robot Satan and Barkeater Lake, requires a cane which he has vowed to auction off in 6-8 weeks when he’s no longer using it. All proceeds to go The American Cancer Society. See his site for details.

UPDATE: Wiley Miller points out that he did a strip back in late January about cartoonists skiing. With his permission, I’ve posted it here.


» I mentioned the New England Webcomics Weekend a while back. From what I hear, the response was so great, the hosts had to set up a registration system, which promptly filled to capacity. Good luck guys. Sounds fun.

» Richard Dominguez, creator of El Gato Negro, will have his first exhibit. If you’re in the Ft. Worth area on Friday March 27th, check it out at The Galeria de La Rosa at the Rose Marine Theater. Exhibit includes about 100 pieces, a reception, discussion, and signings.

» Mark Buford’s Scary Gary has been added to GoComics.

» Speaking of adding to GoComics, Scott Nickel of EEK! fame has a new comic Little Otto running five days a week on GoComics. It’s not really new, but you can read about its history on his blog.

6 thoughts on “News Briefs for March 12, 2009

  1. I should say that the only reason I was on the mountain was because it was Gritty’s ski team night at Shawnee Peak.

    100% truth.

    So in a way, Wiley was right…. However I skied years before I drew my first cartoon… So if anything, the blame lies squarely on the shoulders of the distraction of my second career.

    On the other hand, I drink a lot.

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