Universal Press to launch “In the Sticks”

© Nathan Cooper

Universal Press Syndicate is launching a new comic strip called In the Sticks by Nathan Cooper. The strip centers on an ex-golf professional who inherits a nearly bankrupt golf club that is populated by three very odd animals who help him (more or less) keep the club running. The strip is tentatively set to launch on August 10 for dailies and the 16th for Sundays.

“In the Sticks” has a delightful, comedic character combination, Universal Press Syndicate acquisition editor John Glynn describes. Del, the uni-brow sporting ex-golfer, struggles to keep the course attractive to customers and to make himself attractive to women. He is aided by the brutally-honest and poetry-winning blue jay Cosmo, who enjoys soaking in the guacamole dip on the lunch buffet and stealing food from the vending machine. Cosmo’s other friends include the naive, sweet bear Dewey, who attempts to be a caddy when he knows nothing about golf, and the beaver Flip, who describes himself as “not a people person and I don’t like lawyers either.”

Cooper was born in the small town of Everett, PA. He graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Sociology and also holds a degree in Graphic Arts. He is currently a freelance graphic designer and illustrator and lives with his family in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

You can see samples of both the daily and Sundays on Universal’s website.

12 thoughts on “Universal Press to launch “In the Sticks”

  1. You’ve got to admire the unbridled optimism. It’s kind of like starting a new bank or a brokerage firm. Good luck Dude!

  2. Looks like fun. I like the color palette.

    But I’m confused. I thought Dewey was the character from Lucas Turnbloom’s Imagine This!

  3. Pardon the pun, as I hate to poke a hole in this one, but am I missing something with the title?

    Wouldn’t ‘In the Rough’ make more cents?

    Nevertheless, it’s always nice to see another new feature being launched, so best of luck to Nathan!

  4. Mike, maybe “in the rough” was already copyrighted and they would have to pay royalties. That would actually make less cents…haha

    puns make me feel dirty.

  5. It’s always nice to have more comics. The zanier the better but just what audience is supposed to connect with this is my only question. UPS must think there is one.

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