Marmaduke to hit the big screen

Brad Anderson’s Marmaduke comic strip is being made into a big-screen movie. The Hollywood reporter is reporting that director Tom Dey will be developing a movie based on the comic strip. Still unknown is whether the movie will be animated, live-action or a hybrid, like the recent Garfield movies.

7 thoughts on “Marmaduke to hit the big screen

  1. Well, that came out of nowhere.

    Didn’t think the strip even had that much of a following to even be considered to make a movie about it. The only animated adaptation of it was from the Ruby-Spears Saturday Morning series, sharing the spotlight with Heathcliff. (episodes of it can be seen on YouTube if anyone cares)

  2. That’s exciting for Marmaduke. However, my impression is that this strip seems a little past its prime for a movie nowadays. I could be wrong though.

    When is ‘The Yellow Kid’ movie coming out?

  3. Marm on the big screen ? What is next Opus and Bill ? Will they never learn, tsk, tsk, tsk.

  4. It’s rumored that the same guy who voice overed Scooby Doo is doing Marm’s voice. Only he’s instructed to be a little less over the top and use a Connecticut accent for the barking sequences. I’m hoping they include one of his ice cream truck chasing scenes in the movie.

  5. Yo, Tony…you coming to the Reubens in LA this year or what?

    (not to change the subject…)

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