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Marmaduke to hit the big screen

Brad Anderson’s Marmaduke comic strip is being made into a big-screen movie. The Hollywood reporter is reporting that director Tom Dey will be developing a movie based on the comic strip. Still unknown is whether the movie will be animated, live-action or a hybrid, like the recent Garfield movies.

Community Comments

#1 Bill Hinds
@ 8:50 am

Woof woof!
Bravo for Brad.

#2 Charles Brubaker
@ 11:14 am

Well, that came out of nowhere.

Didn’t think the strip even had that much of a following to even be considered to make a movie about it. The only animated adaptation of it was from the Ruby-Spears Saturday Morning series, sharing the spotlight with Heathcliff. (episodes of it can be seen on YouTube if anyone cares)

#3 Steve Lowtwait
@ 9:01 pm

That’s exciting for Marmaduke. However, my impression is that this strip seems a little past its prime for a movie nowadays. I could be wrong though.

When is ‘The Yellow Kid’ movie coming out?

#4 phil tography
@ 10:04 pm

Marm on the big screen ? What is next Opus and Bill ? Will they never learn, tsk, tsk, tsk.

#5 Mike Peterson
@ 3:31 am

Are there any “big dog” gags that the Beethoven movies didn’t run into the ground?

#6 Tony Cochran
@ 12:13 pm

It’s rumored that the same guy who voice overed Scooby Doo is doing Marm’s voice. Only he’s instructed to be a little less over the top and use a Connecticut accent for the barking sequences. I’m hoping they include one of his ice cream truck chasing scenes in the movie.

#7 Mark Tatulli
@ 3:58 pm

Yo, Tony…you coming to the Reubens in LA this year or what?

(not to change the subject…)

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