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WebComic plugin now in beta, testers wanted

Michael Sisk, the creator of the WordPress plugin “WebComic” (and its companion theme “Inkblot”) is looking for beta testers for an updated release.

He wanted to use WordPress to publish his own comic, but was wasn’t satisfied with the themes that other programmers had designed for that use.

In his own words:

“It became readily apparent that locking webcomic functionality to a specific theme was needlessly limiting and only served to confuse users with functionality that should be included in a plugin that could be used by any WordPress theme.”

He built a plugin instead, with features like multiple blog categories for comic entries, and matching posts with comics based on search engine friendly post slugs, among others.

The WebComic plugin can be used to either build a custom theme from scratch, or just modify any existing WordPress theme by adding a new set of simple template tags. For people who don’t have the time nor skills, Inkblot is the customizable theme designed specifically to take advantage of all the features provided by the plugin.

Currently WebComic is on release 1.7 and InkBlot is on 1.2. Anyone Interested can contact him through his website.

Community Comments

#1 Darrin Bell
@ 11:56 am

About time Comicpress had some competition. I’ve been running my site on that for a while now, but it’s getting increasingly tough to get any assistance from their forums. Maybe I’ll look into this.

#2 Darrin Bell
@ 1:27 pm

Oh, well. Got a fatal error trying to activate the plugin.

#3 Darrin Bell
@ 3:01 pm

Update: Turns out you have to switch away from your comicpress theme before activating the plugin and then it works.

#4 Kelly McNutt
@ 3:50 pm

Are you using it now? Looking forward to hearing what you think of it compared to Comicpress.

#5 Darrin Bell
@ 5:07 pm

I’m not going to try it until the weekend, since I’d have to turn off my current theme.

#6 Darrin Bell
@ 2:41 am

Well, I tried it, and couldn’t get any comics to appear, with any theme. Maybe I’ll try it again when it’s out of beta.

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