News Briefs for March 4, 2009

» Ed Power and Melissa DeJesus, the co-creators of My Cage have teamed up again to produce a comic called Dracula vs Santa. The are using the comic in this month’s Zuda Comics webcomic competition.

» C.F. Payne will be giving a presentation on the topic of the Orphan Works bill at this year’s Lakeland Community College Comics Symposium on April 4.

» Jonathan Mahood, creator of Bleeker, notes that he has reached 19,000 daily subscribers on

» Brian Cronin over at Comic Book Resources continues on with his review of Pulitzer Prize winners in history. Today he looks at Jay Norwood “Ding” Darling’s 1924 award-winning cartoon. Yesterday was Clarence Daniel “C.D.” Batchelor.

» I’m told that last Sunday’s Brevity strip was supposed to run this upcoming Sunday at the conclusion of “Clamato week”.

2 thoughts on “News Briefs for March 4, 2009

  1. DRACULA VS. SANTA??? LMAO! I must say, as someone with no vested interest in the competition’s outcome, that that idea is brilliant and everyone should go to Zuda comics and vote for it ASAP.

    -Ed Power
    Writer of ‘Dracula vs. Santa’ (which is at Zuda Comics right now)


  2. For any other Sunshine Stares like me who thought they’d like to attend, it tuns out after searching through a half-dozen pages on Lakeland Community College’s site that it is in Ohio, not Lakeland Florida.

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