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News Briefs for March 4, 2009

» Ed Power and Melissa DeJesus, the co-creators of My Cage have teamed up again to produce a comic called Dracula vs Santa. The are using the comic in this month’s Zuda Comics webcomic competition.

» C.F. Payne will be giving a presentation on the topic of the Orphan Works bill at this year’s Lakeland Community College Comics Symposium on April 4.

» Jonathan Mahood, creator of Bleeker, notes that he has reached 19,000 daily subscribers on

» Brian Cronin over at Comic Book Resources continues on with his review of Pulitzer Prize winners in history. Today he looks at Jay Norwood “Ding” Darling’s 1924 award-winning cartoon. Yesterday was Clarence Daniel “C.D.” Batchelor.

» I’m told that last Sunday’s Brevity strip was supposed to run this upcoming Sunday at the conclusion of “Clamato week”.

Community Comments

#1 Ed Power
@ 3:10 pm

DRACULA VS. SANTA??? LMAO! I must say, as someone with no vested interest in the competition’s outcome, that that idea is brilliant and everyone should go to Zuda comics and vote for it ASAP.

-Ed Power
Writer of ‘Dracula vs. Santa’ (which is at Zuda Comics right now)


#2 Allan Holtz
@ 12:57 pm

For any other Sunshine Stares like me who thought they’d like to attend, it tuns out after searching through a half-dozen pages on Lakeland Community College’s site that it is in Ohio, not Lakeland Florida.

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