Somebody get Etta a burrito and a beer!

I emailed Etta Hulme’s son, Charlie, for an update on Etta’s health and received an email explaining that she’s recovering from both back surgery and a heart attack and doing well. Sounds like she is indeed doing better given the circumstances. Now if we can only get someone to sneak in a burrito and beer!

Here is his email response.

Thank you for asking about my mother. She’s doing much better.

She was released from the hospital last Thursday, and transported to an in-patient rehab facility in Fort Worth. As you may know, she went in for back surgery on February 2nd. The surgery went fine, but unfortunately a few days later she suffered a heart attack which landed her in ICU. As a result, her rehab will be much more difficult because of her condition, and the fact that she was bedridden for so long.

She’s in great spirits, and has maintained her sense of humor throughout the ordeal. At one point, while still in ICU, she instructed one of her doctors (a gastroenterologist no less) to arrange for some Mexican food and a beer to be sent up. He politely declined. She apparently did not give up, because she attempted to bribe the ambulance driver that transported her to the rehab hospital to stop and pick up a burrito on the way.

Etta would like to express her gratitude to everyone that has shown their concern and support.